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    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    I applaud your intention with this utility cart idea but I'm having a tough time understanding its actual "utility" for those who are visually-impaired. I need more detail with respect to how this design has empathy for the blind people who will use it. How does it make their life easier? How do the organization and navigation systems actually work? In a nutshell, how does it live up to its name?

    Describe in playful detail what you've designed, layer by layer. Tell us why you've ordered its contents the way you have and why you've chosen certain materials and colors. Also, where will these be made available, and how much will they cost? Who will make them and who will distribute them?

    It might be fun to host a series of open sessions in various parts of the city where you invite blind people and their friends and families to join in on a brainstorm. Ask them to list the current problems and obstacles and then come up with ideas in how to solve them. Then...measure this against your initial instincts for this cart and see how well it responds to the actual needs of the end users.

    Be sure that it does and be sure to write in detail about HOW it does.

    Good luck, and thank you! J.

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