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    Ock Hee,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    Thank you for considering a very important human condition that is gravely out of balance for your thesis focus. It's true that there is a lack of global awareness. Maybe more critically, there is a lack of global ACTION associated with this issue.

    I'd like to see how you can push your idea so that people who become aware of it are immediately implicated, in that in their awareness they must also act. Think about how you might leverage a variety of media channels to spread your message - radio, Internet, TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, bumper stickers...in addition to matchbooks. The matchbook campaign might be too literal of an interpretation in and of itself.

    The educational/informational component of this project is where the emphasis needs to be. A communication campaign could be strong enough on its own without a gimmick. Also, think about the complexity and cost of production. And how you plan to distribute the message and ongoing news/updates about the issue, i. e. it would be great if you could map how things are now and how things change for the better over time because of the community of people who decided to get involved and do something about it!

    Good work, J.

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