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    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    You've tackled an issue that a lot of city dwellers think about and very few discuss. I think we all have our own "work arounds" for avoiding touching bathroom faucets and doorknobs - using the cuffs of our shirts or opening doors with our hips or our feet!

    So along comes HandOn. i like that you've thought about material and sizing and how it all comes together to prevent the spread of infection. But have you considered how this gets distributed to citizens? Or how much it will cost? Perhaps you can try to connect this concept with doctor's offices and get the government (ha) or standard health care providers to cover the fee, as a preventative strategy? Or maybe find a corporate sponsor to more readily get it in the "hands" of everyday folks...especially those who can't afford high standards of hygiene because they live in low-income housing or on the streets, etc.

    Push this idea as far as you can. It has great potential! J.

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