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    How can technology help people working to uphold human rights in the face of unlawful detention?

    OpenIDEO has partnered with Amnesty International to challenge all of us to come up with ways to use technology to support those held in or at risk of secret detention, incommunicado detention or detention without trial - human rights abuses often imposed in the name of countering terrorism or national security.

    Imagine you were arrested and detained indefinitely without being told the accusations against you. What if you were taken and held in a secret location, and denied contact with your family or a lawyer? Addressing the factors that allow such human rights violations to happen can be complex. But there are ways that we, as the OpenIDEO community, can help.

    Join us for the Inspiration phase so that we can explore and learn about the issues surrounding this challenge. With such an important topic, our goal is to keep the conversation optimistic, solution-focused and inclusive.

    We're certain that, together, we can design solutions to support communities affected by unlawful detention. Have friends, classmates or colleagues who'd like to get involved in this challenge? Spread the word about our challenge – because creative collaboration loves company!

    Cheers from the OpenIDEO Team

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