• Design for the International Day of Peace - United Nations Poster

    Peace, Communication Design


    On September 21st the world celebrates the International Day of Peace, which this year marks its 30th anniversary. The selected theme is “PEACE and DEMOCRACY: MAKE your VOICE HEARD".

    In order to illustrate this event, the United Nations has chosen a poster that I had the honor to design in the six official languages of the organization: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

    For this year’s Peace celebration the selected theme was DEMOCRACY. A lot of people, specially youth are taking the streets in order to express their points of view and with the ultimate goal of making their voice heard.

    I used the “graffiti” visual style to try to mimic the spontaneity in which youth make use of social tools in order to get together, while transforming Twitter and Facebook into channels of communication and engagement with democracy. I tried to reflect the commitment of new generations with politics and civic discussions by creating an expressive illustration with a simple but rebellious visual language.

    United Nations link:

    Watch the video here.

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