• Raising Awarenes about Global Warming

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    Tilted World Raising Awareness about Global Warming

    The background research for my project was supported by Environmental Defense, New York.

    Issue: People who live in industrial countries are not aware of the effect of global warming in their everyday lives. They knew what global warming was when asked, but they are not taking actions or not so sure of what they need to do to address this issue. Our minds are so focused on the idea of convenience that we are not conscious about how our actions are destroying our planet.

    My design solution is to create conversational installation hourglasses to raise awareness and desk top widget to educate people to take action. The hourglasses contain worldwide scenes of global warming issue. Each bulb shows scenery of the action and the consequence, before and after the problem, and the cause and effect of global warming. Desktop widget, Desktop widget is a small application, which provides users relevant information on a daily basis to fight against global warming.

  • Tomoko,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    There is a lot of poetry and complexity to your idea here but the overall description of the problem/solution is lacking detail. In addition, be very careful with sweeping generalizations, such as "people who live in industrial countries are not aware of..."

    Plenty of citizens living in industrialized countries are VERY aware of global warming and are working on solutions to address this. Where there is a disconnect is in turning this awareness into action. Perhaps this is what you're really saying. If so, make this clear.

    I like how you've suggested a "conversational installation" for the hourglass piece, but where is it installed? Is this an art show type of event? Or is it a retail product? And the widget: how do people get it? Are the two items sold as a unit? At the moment, the two pieces do not seem to integrate well together, despite the fact they both address raising awareness about global warming. How do they work together? How do people actually use these designs? How does the changing global scenery (before and after) actually work?

    Think about the context in which your design concepts live and provide more detail with respect to their implementation in the daily lives of the end users.

    Good luck! J.

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