• Musical Pebbles

    Education, Industrial Design


    Musical Pebbles

    Encouraging children’s body movement through music.

    NFP This project has been developed with the helpful advice of the Children's Museum of the Arts in NYC.

    Problem There is a lack of physical activity among children caused by over consuming media such as video games, internet, and television.

    Solution My approach is to encourage children’s body movement through music (sound). Combining music and physical activity can become an effective tool for children since music provides opportunities to create, perform, and communicate.

    Benefits Musical Pebbles encourages children to play more actively apart from screen media by providing an interactive platform that requires motor skills.

    Next Steps Children can enjoy this product at local children’s museum as an after school activity, and they can also get it from local toy store and playing at home. Advertising that makes aware of proper media consumption would help more children understand the importance of physical activities.

  • Jee Hye,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    You are addressing a very serious problem in America today: childhood obesity. So many schools have had their budgets cut for physical education, so there needs to be more interactive and fun tools to enable movement for kids. Yours is a step in the right direction.

    You would do well, however, to articulate more clearly how your system works. I see no indication of it in your blog write-up. You simply state the problem (lack of physical activity among kids) and propose a solution (encourage physical activity among kids). We need more systemic thinking on your part to show how this fits into curriculum at elementary school. Who makes it? What does it actually do? What games do kids get to play with it? How is it different from Nintendo's Wii, for example?

    Great start. But more details, please! J.

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