• Safe Voice: Protecting children from burn injuries using sound and light technology

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Most children in the home express a natural and normal curiosity about objects that can cause burn injuries such as ovens, electricity and hot water. Every year, many children are treated and die in hospital emergency rooms.

    NFP : People's Burn Foundation

    The mission of the People's Burn Foundation is to provide advocacy services to burn survivors and loved ones, and to educate our youth and communities with effective burn prevention programs.

    Safe Voice is an everyday bracelet for children that uses the parent's voice and a light emitting technology to warn the child about burn injuries when they get close to dangerous objects.

    Safe Voice will play the role of parents when the child is in danger, I hope to decrease the number of burn injury accidents.

    Next step

    Save Voice will not only protect child in the home. It should be able to futher protect children outside of the home while serving as a fashion item.

  • Minsuk,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    Safe Voice is a compelling project idea. It's all too common that curious children will indeed "learn through burning" ... and then never touch a hot surface again. But you focus on prevention, pre-emption and proactivity. All of these are strategic and come together to improve the likelihood of changed behavior (without harm).

    You would do well to give more detail on how the sound and light technology work together, and how the parent records his or her voice into the system. Also, how do parents get access to this product? Where would it ideally be sold? Who could sponsor its development and distribution?

    The idea is fun. Good luck with it! J.

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