• Subwait+: refurbishing 100-year-old NYC subway stations for the 21st Century

    Environment, Environmental Design


    This project was created in consultation with Dr. Arline Bronzaft, chair of the noise committee at Council of the Environment of New York City (CENYC), as well as Mr. Albani Themo, principal engineer from the department of environmental engineering of New York City Transit.

    New York City subway riders suffer from serious noise pollution while traveling through depressing subway stations. The dirtiness and noise generates a sense of insecurity.

    In the event that MTA implements a complete station "house cleaning" exercise, Subwait+ aims to enhance the quality of the interior environment of NYC subway stations. Through the installation of components, inspired by elements of nature, Subwait+ seeks to stimulate a more humane and dynamic traveling experience for the riders. The components include acoustic panels, ambience lighting, projected motion images and natural soundtracks. This system of parts can accommodate various formats of stations.

    In the future, Subwait+ would search for potential design opportunities in other stations throughout the city, exploring a new language to express the relationship between nature and public transit spaces.

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