• BOUNCE baby sign products

    Communication, Industrial Design


    BOUNCE reinforces communication and relationships between Deaf children and Hearing parents, which is otherwise non-existent because of language barriers.

    BOUNCE incorporates American Sign Language into children’s toys and accessories as a means to promote preverbal communication in which all children and parents can benefit as well as access.

    • BOUNCE seeks to de-stigmatize cultural deafness and provide access to its language in Mainstream culture.
    • As a marketing tool, BOUNCE is universal and benefits all children and parents.
    • As a result, Hearing parents of Deaf children who benefit the most from preverbal communication will no longer feel isolated because of it.

    BOUNCE is a product of collaboration with The Lexington School for the Deaf, which has served the broader Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community of the New York metropolitan area since 1864.


    • Establish BOUNCE as educational toy and must have for all parents.
    • Market stuffed toy/animal as an introductory product that maintains qualities and language associated with American Deaf Culture.
  • Michael,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    Your project idea is clever and fun. The communication problem you've identified that exists between deaf children and their parents extends, I would suggest, to hearing children and deaf parents...and among hearing and hearing-impaired siblings and friends. Although this is a toy, I do believe its application can be wide-reaching. (We all need to play, right?)

    Two very strong aspects of Bounce: you've opted to focus on young children (when learning is most rapid and long-lasting) and you've found a way to use the visual sense to inform the lack of hearing, i.e. you use pictures on fabric blocks to TEACH users of all ages how to learn American sign language.

    I love the medium of toys, especially when there is an intention behind their use for the greater good.

    Thank you! J.

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