• Funcy

    Environment, Industrial Design



    “packaging - furniture - packaging”


    Advice and suggestions from; "CENYC", "o2nyc", and "Rainforest Relief"


    The density of urban environments is a well established dilemma. One of the practical problems resulting from density of urban livings is the efficient disposal of waste. With the population of city-dwellers increasing, the amount of garbage produced also increases. In New York City “packaging” is 1/3 of the total garbage; discarded furniture in New York accounts for more than 200,000 tons each year, constituting a significant potion of the city’s waste.


    FUNCY is a ready-to-ship workstation, and contributes a logical solution to waste problems by reducing packaging waste. The FUNCY packaging is not thrown away, but is turned into the accessories of the work station.

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