• Solari

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    Solari: access to a sustainable food system at The New School

    I am working with students and faculty who are advocating for a sustainable food system at The New School. I’ve consulted with Skidmore Owings Merrill Architects, an architectural firm working on the design of the New Building for TNS, where I plan to impalement my project.

    My goal is to create school resources/opportunities that will make healthy eating more accessible on campus, while serving as a communal outlet for education about local food from the Green Market, water consumption, and renewable energy.

    Solari is made up of two carts, one for transporting food from the Union Square Green Market and the other for vending food and juice on school campus. Solari makes nutritious food that’s been locally grown available to students removed from options for leading a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle while at school.

    Next step is to test my prototype at one of the Earth Week events hosted by Renew School, a student group, which aims to engage TNS members in issues concerning health, environment, and renewable resources. I hope to also implement my project in retail stores that are within the vicinity of greenmarkets– Kiehl’s, a body product retailer, has already shown interest.

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