• BOUNCE baby sign products

    Communication, Industrial Design


    BOUNCE reinforces communication and relationships between Deaf children and Hearing parents, which is otherwise non-existent because of language barriers.

    BOUNCE is a product of collaboration with The Lexington School for the Deaf, which has served the broader Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community of the New York metropolitan area since 1864.

    BOUNCE incorporates American Sign Language into children’s toys and accessories as a means to promote preverbal communication in which all children and parents can benefit as well as access.

    • BOUNCE seeks to de-stigmatize cultural deafness and provide access to its language in Mainstream culture.
    • As a marketing tool, BOUNCE is universal and benefits all children and parents.
    • As a result, Hearing parents of Deaf children who benefit the most from preverbal communication will no longer feel isolated because of it.


    • Establish BOUNCE as educational toy and must have for all parents.
    • Market stuffed toy/animal as an introductory product that maintains qualities and language associated with American Deaf Culture.

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