• Building Green in Full Spectrum

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Whether it is the Earth's environment or the living environment, building a LEED certified residence hall can be a great benefit to the New School Student Housing Services. The Student Housing Services has given me not only the opportunity to live and work along side the ultimate users of my subject, they have also offered me a vast knowledge of how a residence hall is built from beginning to end through the on-going projects at the school.

    My proposal for building a LEED certified residence hall can create an educational environment, healthier residents, sustainability for the community and better building efficiency. My project includes a workbook and interactive website which makes provides informative resources on good alternative solutions to current problems at the New School residence halls. This will be an on-going project which can serve as tools for the developers, Student Housing and the residents to exchange information with each other from the initial building stage to the community building stage of a residence hall. In turn, I hope the project can serve as a bridge builder between my constituents.

    For more information, check out my blogs and this video:

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