• The Museum of Nature

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    I recently came across the great work of Finnish photographer Ilkka Halso. His recent photographic series the 'Museum of Nature' wonderfully challenges the natural environment from its current state into a future world where it is something we have to visit to experience.

    The collection of compelling images pictures a series of man-made structures that enclose nature, protecting it from pollution. Using images of nature and 3D digital manipulation, this photographic collection captures a future vision of nature as a museum display. Challenging the audience's interaction with the endangered artifact of the natural environment, Halso manages to truly visualise a future we so desperately do not want to see a reality.

    This is a thoroughly engaging project, that although I appreciate BLDGBLOG's suggestion as to how appropriate these images would be as illustrations to a form of eco-catastrophic novel. I feel personally these images could stand-alone in any city or urban environment to remind us how precious our natural environment is truly becoming.

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