• Elsa Smith's Carbon Fibre and Diamond Necklace Wins Red Dot Award

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Earning the highest recognition from the red dot jury, Canadian designer Elsa Smith’s carbon fibre Element Collar wins “best of the best” red dot product design award 2011. In one of the most renowned international design competitions, the red dot jury’s independent panel of highly respected experts has awarded Elsa Smith the coveted industrial design prize for outstanding design quality and superior execution.

    With its elegant simple curves the Element Collar warmly embraces the wearer in contrast to carbon fibre’s industrial applications. Smooth minimalist lines set the foundation to support a detailed textural inner layer. The impression of volume is accented by placement of tiny diamonds on the carbon fibre surface embedded within a depth of resin. As the object moves, shifting optics of dark luminosity and points of light play over the surface, inviting the observer to take a closer look. While the Element Collar is a statement piece, the ergonomic shape of its concave inner plane makes for a comfortable exhibition of personal style.

    Carbon as the basis of our collective physical existence informed the selection of components used to create the Element Collar: a disparate combination of carbon fibre, resin, and diamonds. Using carbon’s prime manifestation in diamond form elevates the most common element as an object of worth. Derived from observations of nature and industry, this sculpted object of adornment explores conceptual and ergonomic applied design to interact with the body.

    The original Element prototype was hand sculpted using high density foam off cuts, while manufacture of production models with eco resin ensures the realization of a sustainably durable product.


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