• Is Capitalism, as a political ideology, sustainable for society?


    As a young enthusiastic student designer, I often find myself looking for cradle to cradle solutions to design.

    Recently I have faced the realities of finding a job soon and am beginning to learn the sad truth behind most of the jobs available in my area.

    At the end of the day, everyone has a boss with deadlines and cost restraints. In addition to that, we all have a mortgage to pay. This poses the ever-so present question:

    Is Capitalism, as a political ideology, sustainable for society and the environment? If so, how can designers create a system that will work for all of members of society, including the number-crunching corporations, and those lower on the socio-ecomomic level?

    ...and lastly, how can designers infultrate the main-streams blatent disreguard for green solutions?

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