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    I would like to introduce Bidna Capoeira Ltd, a new sports and cultural charity that works with marginalised and vulnerable children, mainly in refugee camps. It may be a project that you would like to support.

    The easiest way to understand their work would be to watch the three-minute video at www.bidnacapoeira.org (click on the Al-Tanf link). I have also attached a Power Point introduction to the organisation. In essence they use the capoeira dance technique to rehabilitate traumatised and marginalised children. Bidna Capoeira work with education/health/benefits of sports amongst other areas as well as collaborating with artists, psychologists, and other organisations already on the ground.

    Bidna already have a track-record of projects with children in refugee camps and reformatory centres in Syria. They are now expanding their programme to cover 25 countries in the next five years. Their funders include UNICEF/UNWRA/UNHCR and the Brazilian Embassy in Syria.

    I would like you to also support Bidna to take their work in Syria to other countries. The plan is to run 25 projects in different countries over the next five years.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Tarek Alsaleh

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