• To show i care



    If you love your planet Earth and you care, you need not attend some debate on eco friendly behaviour , or read some carbon emission summits , if you some how are not buying a new car and switching off your air conditioner on time , and having green tea instead of coke , that may not be admired or noticed by someone but if somehow you are wearing a natural fibre or a tee stating some green peace slogan , the first impression of you as a eco friendly trendsetter make the crowd go gaga on you.

    You instantly become an iconic figure for someone who just passed you and glanced on a slogan on your t-shirt beholding the confidence that lies within , when you hold that bag which states "am not a plastic bag” assuring the world" that I care".

    Depletion of ecology is not anyone’s desire so the current trend these days is to express this in a natural and simplistic way. As monotony also hits fashion couture world, this eco friendly option seems to be the best.This easy going yet very effective way to converse your responsibilty has been taken up by many designers and runway is reportng its presence every now and then.

    From pre-school we have been taught to conserve our environment on the very simple fact of passing on our resources to our future generations, anyways if somehow am not left with petrol reserves or coal mines for them to burn , i can simply pass on my t-shirt to my grand children , to show i cared somehow, what if i did not do anything about it............i did follow the trend of my time......

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