• C40 Solutions: Pratt Institute Call for Entries


    To prepare for C40 Solutions a Global Sustainable Design Exhibition, Sustainable Pratt in collaboration with the Academic Director of Sustainability and Design 21 issued a call for entries to all Pratt Institute departments.

    We received entries from Interior Design, Industrial Design, Digital Arts, Architecture, Urban Design and City Planning. These diverse entries can be viewed in detail in this blog and at the Sustainable Pratt website.

    Entries will be juried by Debera Johnson: Center for Sustainable Design Studies, Jacqui Khiu: Design 21, Donna Moran: School of Art and Design, and Green Week Keynote Speaker Paul Polak.

    Winning Entries will be announced and displayed Thursday, March 27th at 5:30 PM in the Higgin's Hall Pitt prior to the commencement of Paul Polak's presentation.

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