• Project10 – Calling 2010 Graduates!

    Communication, Communication Design


    Are you a 2010 graduate designer? Plan-B Studio founder Steve Price has a challenge for you! Since the beginning of 2010 Steve has been undertaking a rather intriguing challenge, Project 10; 10 projects in 10 months working with 10 NFP/NGO organisations or projects. Rather than sending out press releases to promote the endeavor, he has been using the London Newspaper Club to create a limited-edition mail-out to 100 industry leaders and press contacts. The content is contributed to by writers, designers, artists, illustrators and other generous people, who team up and work collaboratively on the content itself.

    For the June issue, Steve’s picking ten graduate designers for a carefully created issue that celebrates the best of the design industries newbies. To get yourself and your work in to the paper you must source, organise and interview your design industry hero/heroine for the paper SPECIFICALLY about the notion of collaboration in today’s industry. Contact Steve with your plan/idea, and then you'll be asked to supply up to 500 words for the interview, images to support the interview and/or examples of your own work.

    Deadline is Tuesday 8th June 2010. For more information contact: project10@plan-bstudio.com

  • 兔子_132_

    Awesome ,I enjoyed it.

  • Hr-01_177_

    Please vote for my idea for the Human Rights logo


    Red .....the color of blood...symbolizes LIFE itself.we have the same colored blood coursing through our bodies...whether you are white ,yellow skinned or colored....whether you are rich or poor...whether you are socially more previliged than the rest,whether you can flex your muscles more than your weaker neighbour...That RED color reminds us that we are just HUMANS ...and that we need to all live in peace and stop depriving our fellow men their equal rights to dignity and freedom.

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