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    My concept is not only to raise awareness about global warming through better production processes but also to be able to use furniture as a medium to show the comfort of greens.

    My target audience is urban inhabitants and especially people who live in NYC. There are various parks and squares around NYC. However, they are not enough for the population for the city. More than 8 million people live in NYC, but there are only 1,700 parks. Different studies have proven that vegetation has therapeutic qualities to help individuals cope with stress. Some people grow small gardens in their backyard, on the balconies or even as an ornament in their living rooms. My idea is to design a ‘green bench’ built in beside, or around trees sidewalk. This ‘green bench’ solves one’s desires to grow greens in front of their house, but also people sit enjoy ‘green’ as they sit on the park.

  • TS, You have a very clever and interesting concept, but i have to ask some questions about the semantics to determine if it is really "green"

    Whilst it addresses issues of people re-connecting with nature, however im lost on the "greeness" of it. Yes it is green in colr and plants are part og the environment, but what natural resources will it take for upkeep on this? Does it work with the native landscape of New York? Often growing grass and plants non-native are in theory bad for the environment, wasting water and polluting with fertilizers in the name of aesthetics.

    Overall i think it would work better in an environment that is natively lush like Portland Oregon. What re your thoughts?

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