• FUNCY_multifunctional sustainable furniture

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Thesis Statement: To improve the quality of life by designing sustainable multi-functional furniture, which can do more with less in small spaces, therefore preventing waste from being produced.

    Mission Statement: The density of urban environments is a well established dilemma. One of the practical problems resulting from density of urban livings is the efficent disposal of waste. With the city-dwelling populations increasingly growing, the amount of garbage produced expands accordingly. A logical solution to this problem would be to reduce the amount of garbage by preventing waste from being produced. Given that discarded furniture in New York accounts for more than 200,000 tons each year, constituting a significant portion of the city’s waste, I would like to work to solve this problem by designing multi-functional furniture that can be used for different purposes. e multi-functionality of the products will prolong the duration of use; moreover when these products are thrown away, the amount of garbage produced will be inversely proportional to the number of functions which they were used for.

    Target Group: Young urban dwellers, who are concerned about the environment, with small living/ working spaces

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