• Safe Voice: Protecting children from burn injuries using sound and light technology

    Aid, Industrial Design



    Most children in the home express a natural and normal curiosity about objects that can cause burn injuries such as hot water, ovens, eletricity, irons and so on. Unfortunately, parents or caregivers can’t always pay attention because they need time to take care of themselves. However, in these moment, children often get burned by these hazardous objects. Reflecting on my experience, I am still suffering from chest burns. When I was 5 years old, I got my chest burnt by hot water, which I endured tremendous pain and was hospitalized for five months. When the accident happened, if someone had told me about the danger of hot water, it might have not happened to me.

    Mission Statement

    Burn injury hazard could happen to children very easily in the home. Every year, many children are treated and die in hospital emergency rooms. It is unfortune for children to get burned at a young age because it is not only hard for them to bear the pain but also for them to carry its aftereffects the rest of their life. Therefore there is a need for a product that prevents life-threantening burn injuries for children.


    Safe Voice is a everyday ID bracelet for children that uses the parent’s voice and a light emitting technology to warn the child about burn injuries and has ID tag underside of band. The parent wear a clip that receives a signal, warning them that the child is close to a dangerous object. The bracelet and clip come with a wireless transceiver that is installed at a point of potential such as a stove, radiator, etc in the home. The parent records a warning message of each object in the child’s bracelet and the wireless device detects 2 meters distance between the child and dangerous objects. Because the parentrs are not able to watch the child at every moment, if the child gets close to the transceiver, a signal is sent from the wireless device to the parent’s clip and alerts them that their child is in danger.

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