• [Moogune] Personal hygiene glove

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Mission: To help reduce infectious illnesses spread through contact with public surfaces, my thesis project provides a hand protect glove for urban people who are particularly vulnerable to health problems resulting from the lack of hand hygiene.

    Problem: I am focusing on the people in the New York City who always use public facilities, but rarely wash their hands. In the city, there are more situations of hand-to-hand contact due to NY’s dense population, but it is hard to find cleaning facilities outside of buildings. However hand-to-hand contact causes spreading of infectious illnesses such as the flu and diarrhea. The simplest type of health care is keeping hands clean, but many people don’t realize the importance of hand washing.

    Design: The personal hygiene glove protects the palm of the hand and fingers when a user holds public facilities such as the subway railings, doorknobs, or faucets. A thin layer of glove only partially covers the hands, and its shape and flexible material allow users to wear and carry it easily.

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