• Cache:developing financially conscious minds

    Education, Industrial Design



    To help adolescents (ages 14-18) realize and understand their buying and saving patterns. By doing so they will understand and master the essential “tool set” (budgeting finances) before transitioning into adulthood.


    Adolescents are becoming key figures in our economy but current marketing and branding schemes are steering the future in the wrong direction. The media and peer pressure is causing our young adults to become indulgent consumers. These young adults have reached a point where vanity is everything and money is the means of achieving it. This skewed perception is causing our emerging adults to become financially irresponsible.

    Cache (Kash) : A place for concealment and safekeeping of valuables,


    The phrase “get them while they’re young”was born when corporations began to market and produce products for an untargeted age group of 8-18 year olds. Cache is a program that would use the same principal “get them while they’re young “but instead of making teens spend more money Cache would help them save money. Cache would provide a system that would help the fresh minds of the future retain a portion of their earnings as opposed to spending it on frivolous products.

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