• Versatile Beyond 20/20

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Versatile is designed to equip and assist the hard of seeing in the workspace. It is an all in one unit of furniture, that includes existing asistive technology and work tools for the hard of seeing population, (for ex; Braille reader, Magnifier, Note taker, Voice recorder, etc). The utility cart also highlights elements of tactility, organization and navigation within the product and specifically designed to be helpful for those lack in seeing. Versatile is a modular furniture system that is customizable to the user's needs. So that it can functionally assists daily work needs.

    The product is a response to social issue in the realm of disability (visual impairment). Problem: The common connotation is that ‘disability steals time’. An Employer’s lack of empathy and awareness often resulted in job facilities that do not cater to employees with hard of seeing.

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