• Hippo Roller by Project H Design

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    A simple, but ethically effective initiative was launched this week from Emily Pilloton's NPO Project H Design.

    'The Hippo Roller is a simple rolling barrel device that allows the millions whose livelihoods depend on the daily fetching of water to more easily access and transport their daily water supply. The roller holds 3-4 days worth of water for a family of 7 [approx 5 times that of traditional methods].'

    Read more about the project and get involved in sponsoring one yourself at Project H Design!! What a marvellous initiative!

    Founded by Emily Pilloton, Project H Design is 'a charitable organization that supports, inspires, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions to global communities in need. We champion industrial design as a tool to address social issues, a vehicle for global life improvement, and a catalyst for individual and community empowerment.'

  • 61_177_

    Thanks for posting this, Kate! I am so excited for Emily and this great project.

    The Q Drum (image above), is very similar to the Hippo Roller and was one of my favorite pieces from The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum's influential exhibit, Design for the Other 90%.

    Project H was brilliant in getting right on this and finding a way to get these vital products out into the community. It's totally energizing!

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