• HAND/EYE magazine hits the press

    Communication, Fashion Design


    Aid to Artisans' magazine HAND/EYE, Volume 4, Spring 2008, is out. Published twice a year, it is available to ATA supporters. This issue features collaborations between designers and artisans; industry leader, Artecnica's Stephen Burks with Willard Musaruwa, a wire artist in Cape town; Mimi Robinson's research and rapport with Cajamarca potters and Docey Lewis with world textiles. Don't miss Michael Benanav's portfolio of intimate photographs in the life of India's Maldhari people.

    HAND/EYE celebrates talented members of the design community and the artisan sector, many, but not all actively connected to Aid to Artisans.

    Download an e-copy of ATA's latest Hand/Eye Magazine

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