• Sustainable sanitation designs- Ecosan W.C. pan

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Sanitation and the construction of toilets for users is an important public interest issue in India. Eco-san (Ecological sanitation) systems try to design toilets which are source separating, composting and use the nutrient value of human waste in a hygienic manner. Indian users of eco-san typically are squatters/washers especially in rural India (as opposed to sitters/wipers the trend in urban India). The design of the Ecosan pan therefore has to be such that it can be flipped around and 2 vaults used alternately with just one pan. Women who wear Sarees, the traditional Indian dress, also find it easier to shift back for the washing ablutions than to move sideways. Chitra Vishwanath, an Architect who designs ecological buildings, has this alternate design for the pan and the toilet. Ecosan needs more women in the movement as designers, as policy makers, as users. The pan is now being made by N-Fibro a Bangalore based Fibre reinforced plastic manufacturer produces these pans.

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