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    In 2006, a pilot of the collaborative projects possible through the INDIGO: International Indigenous Design Network [previous post] was demonstrated when Monash University (Australia) and the University of Hartford (United States) created MIX06.

    MIX06 was a cultural exchange project that explored the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous culture within the context of national identity. Workshops, research, and collaborative teamwork took place in both countries and included indigenous participation. The workshop results can be found under the title: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, an Icograda endorsed website. Quite inspiring results!

    + MIX06

  • Wow - it's neat to see this mentioned again! I was one of the students who worked on this project. It was a great experience to collaborate with others and research on topics I had no previous knowledge of.

  • Hi Kate (and Fiona),

    Thanks for sharing the information about Indigo and MIX06.

    MIX08 is now open for entries. You can find the entry information online at: http://indigodesignnetwork.org/


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