• China Design Now

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    Next month, the eagerly awaited exhibition China Design Now will open at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The microsite for the showcase is live, and offers an initial insight into what the expect.

    China Design Now explores China’s dreams and hopes over the last two decades, from individual designers to the nation as a whole. (V&A, 2008)

    The exhibition will be split into three unique sections:

    The V&A curators explain: This exhibition will take you on a journey along China’s coastal cities to experience the country’s creative landscape. The journey starts in the far south, where graphic designers in Shenzhen began to explore new directions in the early 1990s. Next we move up to Shanghai. Here consumerism and urban culture have combined to produce astonishing fashion and lifestyles. Finally, we travel to Beijing, where monumental architecture for the Olympic Games is transforming this ancient capital’s skyline.

    China Design Now will be open from 15 March - 13 July 2008.

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