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    Another round of fashion week shows are upon us, and I will be attending several collections in order to assess the trend towards sustainable eco-fibers in garment production. I am not at all a fashionista, but given that I have an interest in textiles, environmental installation work, and the environment, this is an inevitable foray into territory that shares certain threads with my own practice.

    A friend asked me yesterday, "What I would wear to NY Fashion Week?", and honestly, the thought had not crossed my mind. Must one wear eco-fibers to an eco-oriented fashion show? Will folks know if I am wearing conventional cotton rather than organic cotton? Will I get extra point for sporting the new 'bamboob bra"?

    I think that I will wear an old Pucci knock-off dress, as this is as sustainable as I can get on short notice. Purely vintage and recycled from my mother-in-law's closet, it is totally sustainable or at least multi-generational, no?

    EarthPledge's FutureFashion show is really uppping the ante this year. All the big names are contributing a piece. I am so curious to see whether Givenchy will take on hemp? Or whether Marc Jacobs will play by the rules?

    Rodarte, the team that some are cailling the new Sustainable Sartorialists, also promise to put on quite the eco-fete.

    I am hoping that 'what to wear' also translates to 'what to be weary of' as we learn more and more about what constitutes real style and our shared runway with the best of nature.

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