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    I commend Haruko Smith and the Design21 team for finding a solution that I think is the best option since the inconclusive outcome of the logo competition.

    Selecting several Judges Picks was a great idea. We can't call these 'winners' in the fullest sense of the word, but these are what the judges feel are the best choices and are getting recognition from Design21.

    I was pretty shocked to see my design was one of the five Judges Picks, to say the least.

    I was also very pleased and humbled by this turn of events. Especially after having voiced my not-so-pleased opinions about the competition results earlier, it seems even more ironic!

    I wonder if any other entrants and finalists agree that Design21 came up with the best 'consolation' fix for this competition and if that changes any attitudes about entering future Design21 competitions?

    I was not sure I'd enter another competition from Design21 after the original outcome, but I think that subsequent to that, the team has handled it very diplomatically and proved to be able to bring this competition to a satisfactory outcome. I'd probably change my mind about entering future competitions and renew my trust in Design21. I think the team has proven very worthy in a difficult situation, which only boosts my opinion about Design21.

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