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    US website Changethemargins.com is calling for printer owners everywhere to take the simple step of, well, changing their margins from the current luxurious standard 1.25 inches to a the more modest .75 inches.

    It may sound like a small change, but if everyone in the nation did it, we’d save a little less than a Rhode Island’s worth of trees every year.


    • In prehistoric times, 60% of the earth's surface was covered by forests, today that amount has been reduced by 30% and is still shrinking.
    • It takes 17 pulpwood market-sized trees and 390 gallons of oil to make a ton of paper
    • That ton of paper, when disposed of, takes up nearly 8 cubic feet of public landfill space.
    • That public landfill is approximately 36% waste paper products.
    • Each one million pages of paper not printed saves 85 pulp trees.

    Via. Good Magazine

  • for every 'fit to print' command, we'd release increased quantities of toxic toner ink affecting not only the environment, but also human health.

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