• work on the system; don't blame the client!



    Design 21 should re-evaluate the rules that are set up for competitions involving outside clients/organizations. To only relegate the client’s input to the end of the process seems, to me, to be bad design. With the ease of access to ALL the entries via the D21 internet forum, it just seems very old fashioned to limited the client’s input to only selections made by the expert judges. The client, if they so choose to, should be considered an expert judge and allowed in on the selection of the finalist (after all, the client should be somewhat of an expert on themselves). Inclusion earlier on could better avoid a scenario where the client feels like their needs are not satisfied by the selections chosen by the judges.

    With this all said in hindsight, and regardless of the decisions made so far, it seems that D21 can still do what seems to be reasonable; they can award the efforts of the design team that fulfilled the requirements of the Final Jury. The selection process D21 designed is incomplete (No one is perfect! This is the first D21 competition that has an outside client; complications are expected). Let’s not penalize the winning designers because of an incomplete selection system.

    The following are some additional comments regarding the competition and should probably go in another post; however, I’m here already, so here goes:

    -I noticed that in the previous D21 competitions, comments from the judges regarding the finalists were posted on the website for general viewing. It would be great if this were possible for Stories from the Field also. It would be beneficial to all designers to gain the useful insight behind the selection processes.

    -Is it possible to see designs of the 13 MCAI/UNDPI Finalist that were not on the D21 judge's finalist list?

    -Regarding the winning entry; I too feel like the use of the quotes as a logo and frame was a strong graphical choice. However, MCAI/UNDPI should verify that this logo does not infringe on Citibank's "Thank You" rewards network logo. The logo is trademarked, I don't know whether it is the quotes or it is the quotes framing the words "Thank You".

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