• Take part in the life of your time: Designism 2.0

    Community, Industrial Design

    Wow...just to get some of the initial wow off my chest...Michael Wolff was a breath of acrid fresh air that turned a big pat on our backs into a gripping deathmatch of design philosophy.

    Milton was right: We should take part in the world around us...because we have to. It's our imperative as citizens to do something. Not just stay home and read, as Michael enjoined us to.

    "Design is an Act of Planning"

    Yes Milton! He went on to say that Design is not style...Design is its result, its consequence.

    Michael said: "Everyone can Design. Design is Over."

    Yes Michael! Everyone can use Photoshop and Illustrator and Maya and make a computer model of a shitty product or a bad awareness campaign. Michael said earlier that Design had to be Disruptive to rise above this cacophony of banal design.

    But no...Milton told us that New Design is introduced in terms of the Known. Good design seems familiar, then...not alien.

    It was so very exciting.

    many other good things: Ellen Sitkin's ad work on buyameter.org, Andrew Sloat's sweet and endearing constitutional educational-love-ins. I have a bubble from Ji Lee's bubble project that's going up in the Clinton-Washington G. Look for it!

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