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    First of all, It is not my intention to discuss the quality of the work of any contestants. In 1604 entries there would definitely be million-dollar-worth logos and others of aspiring quality. My intention is to express my view on the whole situation around the outcome of the contest.

    This whole situation was horrendously handle. Apparently being in the public relations field does not necessarily means being able to handle delicate PR situations.

    Let me dissect Linda Lopez's arguments:

    1. "As marketing and visual communications professionals ourselves..." So you are... what about the pre-selection jury, are they not professional? According to the outcome brought by MCAINY-UNDPI they are not AS professional since their opinions (all 146 of them!) were discarded in favour of MCAINY-UNDPI opinion.

    2. "...being poor doesn't stop us from wanting the best". And definitely does not stop you from completely dis-considerate the work of Design 21 Pre-Selection Panel and of the 1604 designers/teams - including the 802 design team, because they did enter the contest agreeing to the rules that you, the Final-Round jury, decided to ditch. If you thought that the MCAINY-UNDPI opinion was under-represented in the pre-selection panel it was YOUR responsibility to negotiate that. That lack of foresight does not denote that much professionalism.

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    1. "Now what? We hoped the Design 21 jury would agree with us that excellence trumps ceremony, and the best design should win." Apparently excellence trumps ceremony AND scruples. You "hoped"? you based the decision to accept the Design 21 rules of contest on hope?! Again... that does not sound very professional to me.

    2. "We see it as being responsible." Responsible to "your festival" ("your"?!), maybe, but definitely not to the reputation of Design 21 and it's contests. After all it is a Design21 contest, it is Design21's money. And apparently being a UN-sanctioned festival/organization doesn't necessarily mean being more democratic and egalitarian: the opinion of 5 (FIVE) panelist - all from the same organizations - valued more than the opinion of 9 (NINE) panelist from all-over the world, with diversity of backgrounds and different. I agree that judging never is democratic but since in this situation rules were being broken I would expect a UN-related institution to respects the will of majority.

    3. "We accepted their decision, but decided to stay true to what we believe is the best design for our festival." (again "our festival") To end this long dissertation: MCAINY-UNDPI apparently decided to put the festival (they organize) ABOVE the core foundation values upon which the festival is built and supposedly helps to disseminate. It is a shame to see that the festival became "their" festival (as stated so many times along Linda Lopez post) and apparently that is probably the cause of all this mess.

    4. keywords to define MCAINY-UNDPI attitude: arrogance, unscrupulous, unprofessional, short-sighted, immature, etc...

    PS. In my opinion the only failure in Design21's part is the lack of foresight in expecting childish, arrogant and un-scrupled behaviour from the part of the institution that was being sponsored (MCAINY-UNDPI). Just because Design21 is sponsoring doesn't mean that the money should be used as the sponsored see fit. Unfortunately I don't see any mechanism to prevent future parasitical behaviour like this.

    PPS. I tried to make 8 points in honour of the 8 The Millennium Development Goals but... you know what? after all this poorly handle mess and lack of ethic and moral values demonstrated by the MCAINY-UNDPI attitude I feel less compelled to care about any UN-related Goals and initiatives.

    PPPS. Good work to all 1604 entries contestants! Congrats to Yuko Inagaki for winning the most popular prize.

    -- .mario

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