• Very disappointing indeed...


    In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
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    Very disappointing indeed… Well it’s another competition that concludes in a painful blight for all those design enthusiasts out there...If a UN-involved event cannot secure the judging regulations of a simple graphic design contest, I wonder what can…

    In this doleful entanglement where involved parties will throw a shameful self-vindication back and forth, I think the only thing downright worth asking for as participants is the following: Since the MCA-I NY did actually admit liking some designs, finalists or not, they are ethically bound to announce which ones in respect to all those who put the effort of taking part in the contest. They have to pick a winner and make it public. I believe it is also incumbent upon Design21 to follow this up and eventually make sure the winning design according to MCA-I NY becomes public and posted on this website. I will personally chew my tongue to bits and be in the first applauding row if the revealed winner is a great design, caring less if it was a finalist or not.

    I do wish to thank the Design21 staff who have done a good job administering this event. Still, at one point, I believe they needed to be intransient and have the legal pluck to twist some arms forcing their client to abide to the rules. Or else, they might have as well discharged themselves from their client and moved forward with the competition announcing a Design21-selected winner and awarding the prize with no necessary implementation of the design. Adding the money to the prize of future contest is as absurd as a red fish swimming in a toilet bowl.

    In humble epilogue, the budding Design21 needs to build a consistency and credibility if ever it wishes to garner a wide public interest in its future events.
    An apology letter is very sincerely appreciated but not close to being satiating.

    I hope this page fills up with comments…I predict it will break another record just as the 1600 entries did. To all other participants, post your views, it’s vital to make your voice heard…

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