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    Now what? We hoped the Design 21 jury would agree with us that excellence trumps ceremony, and the best design should win. As judges ourselves, albeit of film, we know that judging is not easy – and certainly not a perfect science. Sometimes winners get overlooked.

    The Design 21 judges felt, as they have stated, that to admit our choices would have been to change the rules, which they could not do midstream. We would have to pick from among their choices or forfeit the declaration of a winner.

    We accepted their decision, but decided to stay true to what we believe is the best design for our festival.

    The design we chose personifies what Stories from the Field is about, and does so in a way that is both instantly recognizable and totally fresh. It is bold, eloquent, transcultural, and refreshingly simple. On the practical level, it can be applied across all media, in any size or color, and in several interesting configurations. The more we looked at it, the more we loved it.

    Some have chosen to interpret our actions as breaking the rules, disrespecting the judges, or not playing fair. We see it as being responsible. We have an important international event to run, one that we conceived and built from scratch. We care about it deeply and want the best for it.

    We don’t even know if the designer we chose will be interested in working with us, considering that there will be no prize money or recognition from Design 21. But we hope so.

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