• (Re-post as I'm not sure if the first pass got through)


    First of all, congrats to the entry voted as most popular!

    Next, I second the suggestion that the choices of MCA-I be shown (if possible)-- after all, it is the reason why a prize was denied.

    Well, I second it for that reason and out of artistic curiosity. I was browsing the logos and, very nice, there are REALLY good ones! Some which made the cut and some which surprisingly didn't. It'd be interesting to see what MCA-I had their eyes on.

    The outcome of this competition is regretful, but, I suppose, understandable. In the long run all parties must be satisfied (D21- integrity, Media Comm- choice of logo). This will just make room for better competition mechanics in the future hopefully.

    It is confusing though how the prize amount is apparently available (as it will be added to a future competition's purse) yet unawarded-- why not award it now, at least it is for a relevant winner, and MCA-I can opt not to use the logo? This way MCA-I can pursue their own choice in good faith, and the competition ends according to expectations.

    Anyway, just my two cents.

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