• The miniHome - Comfortable, Transportable, and Stylish Off-the-Grid Living

    Environment, Industrial Design


    I first discovered this beautiful home while browsing fabprefab and fell in love with it immediately.

    The miniHome is a four-season dwelling that offers a modern and comfortable living environment suitable for a wide range of climates. With passive solar heating and passive cooling, its own power utility, waste treatment center, and rainwater collection system, it uses some of the most efficient technology available and functions completely off-the-grid.

    The miniHome SOLO measures 8'-6” in width, 36' in length, and 13'-6” in height, and is classified as a 'Travel Trailer' under Canada's CSA Z-240RV Standard, which means it does not require a police escort for transit on federal or international roadways. They've also just announced the miniHome DUO SE which provides a little more room and better energy performance.

    Check out sustain.ca for additional info!

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