• NuRide hits the Twin Cities

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    The Flintstone's & Rubble's did it long ago, and the Jetson's continued it on into the future; so the idea is nothing new: carpooling. For those who make the long and arduous commute to and from work each day while listening to reports about the poor health of our planet, carpooling might seem like a logical answer. But while congestion on Twin Cities highways is getting worse and worse, ride-share programs just haven't caught on. NuRide, the nations first incentive-based online ride network, which just recently spread to the Twin Cities, has an approach that might finally see positive results: make finding a ride free, easy, and safe, and then reward people for doing so.

    The reward system works like frequent flyer miles, with every ride you share you earn miles which can be redeemed for goods or discounts at participating sponsors. In an era where people want to see tangible results for their actions, this is a system where they can track their miles shared and begin to see the environmental impact being made. According to NuRide, already over 750,000 trips have been planned on their website, accounting for nearly 23 million fewer miles driven. While benefits to the environment are obvious, commuters will likely most drawn to the stress free commute to work and the possibility of making that morning java a freebie in the process.

    For more on NuRide check out their website at www.nuride.com.

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