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    Thank you Linda! I am so glad to be member, it was only until recently have I had time to become more involved, reasearching the organizaions personal goals, as well as the organization as a whole so that I may have a solid understanding in talking with other designers in my area. I am urging my friends to join, (which I am sure they will) and will also be contacting the design school that I graduated from in hopes they will pass this information along to the students. This would be a great opportunity for students to network, to be motivated by others ideas and designs, but most of all become a part of a network that uses design to help prefect the imperfections in today's society. Has there ever been any interest in starting local Design21 chapters? While the wordly goals would always be of utmost importance, it would also allow us to battle local issues, which in the cleveland area there are many. Please let me know what your thoughts would be on this. And just a last thought, there were some amazing entries into the Stories from the Field Logo Contest, I actually added a scection the my inspiration files with some of the logos that were submitted. Thank you and a I hope you have good day!

    Nicole Kelly

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