• If u need the 8 concepts....u should think about the number it self !!


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    Hello Christin ,

    Well A Nice work you had here ....... but as i said ..it should be simple & direct !! u should symbolized these concepts & abstracted to be understandble without saying them ... i donna know if its allowed to apload what i propose here ...or not ...to know all of ur opinions .......Cuz um saying this & i donna know if i do it right or not :D:D:D !!

    Anyway , ur logo could be for one day event or something but without the text inside the film roll , & try to make it short .......& watch it again , try to write the text under it & keep it .......then try to think how to symbolized these concept like the number it self .... !! belive me u'll do something amazing & better ........!! Do like what i did break ur head a parts & think in different ways u'll creat ......if u couldnt try to search & watch more ideas about related things belive me gonna creat ur own style & reach to the right thing ...:)

    Hope I could help well , Thanks for wishing me luck I really need it its first time to join such a thing , i used to join in photography contests , but designs its first time for me , to join but um a senior graphic designer in my place :)

    P.S: if u tried plz upload it to see ur progress wish u best of luck in coming contests !!!

    ve a wonderful day all ,

    Best Regards,

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