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    The world of phenomena, life of thoughts, every day is transforming into something more, in something which we call another world. That something new, something different become my new reality in which I am, and in which I came throw observing and living our fears, our fights, magnitude and hopes; living our own myths which always made like that, which are needs to surpass evil and nothappiens, which are also collective memories. Those myths are fight of man to overrun him, to be closer to enternity, they are need for man like stories for kids, the collective dream to understand life.

    The value of myth are never refuted, it always been a real opportunity to understand reality, and it is not possible to not find name in art which isn’t whit his work go thro mythological, and exactly in that looking for way for his realize. One of that ways, like was said Djuzzepe Mazzini “is looking for idea hidden in symbol “, which in my case will be liberated idea from sculpture from drawing, from performance, from word. Waking up from collective ream I was met myself in a big measure with that mythological in man, in women, which aspire to be exceeded. Feeling transformation of that cognition of reality, I was going throw deep roots of material as spiritual. Together with my sculptures I felt transformation of female, mythological, physical, in to something more, in o a bird, like symbol of freedom, like symbol of something knowing, entirety. Meeting with myself – women and women- surroundings, I couldn’t to notice that motherly attributes not that they only have positive meanings, but they are usually use to something negative. Those motherly attributes are sometimes weapon of seduction and subject of adoration, and then myth become, like something which women sometimes built by herself, or man about her. And exactly cause of that kind of myth in women, it was start my fight, and my need to understand it and find for it some new dimension. In the trace I met myself with one primeval myth, which existing from past till now, whit bird- Ikar, with myth of bird – man, who always have desire to put up a human race above from knowing reality, and who give him opportunity to transcend himself, and all that material which was since always rewarded. Exactly those myths wake up in me possibility to become above of physically; but by comprehend, that myth is cradle in which we are console ourselves, and guns that we take in fear. Myth was one of my promoters for understanding value of spiritual above of material, and exactly that transform women in a bird, body in to eternity. Material in sculpture I presented like female torso, on which we can notice round forms of breasts and stomach, which takes symbol of maternity. Like women’s strength, like concentrate energy which can develop, and which can also destroy. Womens body can be symbol of immortal, and also something archetypical, which is I base of every myth. Bird like extreme form of women’s body have tendency to example, and also have something on which we all desire- enlighten. With knowing that human body is something which is use to be exceeded, I allowed myself to use blue color with which I paint every form of sculpture which don’t have association on spirituality. With value I disproved sculpture’s being, giving to her non- material meaning, as like in dictionary of symbols said: “ Blue is the most deepest, she is the least material color, she is road to endless, she is the color of bird of happiness, blue bird, unattainable but completely adjacent. Blue color dematerializing everything which she takes. Surface painted in blue is no more surfaces. Movement, noises and cloud’s in blueness despaired, sinks in one, they lose like bird on the sky.” Looking relation of sculpture like material and myth like need to understand that material, I find myself on a road of comprehension, I was going thro process of transformation, no less, and no more then any of us, with believe that we are, like that, become worthy of liberation like birds of divine.

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