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    FIrst off: why is is so weird to get into a conversation with someone at an art space? I'm not so much talking about shows at a gallery, but moreso shows at museums or more "official" seeming art spaces. Conversation seems like it never happens. What a waste!

    All of this to say that I had a conversation in an official art space. I went to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts a couple weeks ago with my mom, and I got into this conversation with a woman named Micki who is a docent there. (And I guess that's sort of cheating, because docents are actually there for talking. But still, do we really take advantage? I sure don't. Man, I've missed out. Tsk tsk.) She was telling me about the show they had up by the [Collective Foundation] (http://www.collectivefoundation.org) and it sort of reminded me of DESIGN21 for fine artists. I told her about the D21 project and she told me about a show that her friend was involved with that exlpored the possibilities of green roofs. I looked up the press release and it seemed like something perfect for a D21 audience. Wish I was in D.C. to check this out!

    Earth on Stone on Earth is Naturally So August 4 – 31, 2007 The artists of Earth on Stone on Earth is Naturally So amalgamate film, sculpture, textiles and plants to create a threshold between the gallery and the outdoors. The installation, which features works by Amelia Holmes, Karl Krause, Kelly McCoy and Evan Wells, presents a series of conceptual green roofs paired with films that abstract the natural experience, while sounding and illumining natural cycles within the gallery walls. A series of related events explores the ethical implications of sustainable practices, collaboration across ecological disciplines, the poetic experience of interment and the phenomenon of American cults as precursors to environmental movements in popular culture.

    This is happening at:

    Flashpoint 916 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

    Moral of the story: talk to people more, and talk to more people!

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    green roofs are great and sustainable and all that...but for building owners it can be a mysterious process - how to find an expert? Are even, are building owners aware of the option?

    CCNY, my alma mater, started a project called Greenproofing to use green roofs as a community outreach/education tool. I think it's a great effort.

  • Thanks for writing about the show... you can learn more about it here:


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