• A Few Months Back

    Poverty, Environmental Design


    I wasn't sure where to start, so i'll just have a little flashback, about 5 months back. It all started when i got accepted by Columbia University for their annual project under the supervision of the UN Millennium Development Goals, task force 8. It was an awesome experience just seeing a new continent, the most bizarre among the continents i've seen so far, a new country with an extraordinary landscape and culture, not to forget the heroic tails of resistance and struggle that the people have had during the past half-century. all of this added to the fellowship i won from the Rockefeller Foundation to visit the country, and i was into one hell of a journey. It was one of the best journeys i've ever had, alongside the spiritual Student Haj trip i had in past years...it doesn't seem to be relevent, but both South africa and Haj taught me a lot about human-beings, and their social interactions, which i must add, has always fascinated me. if you would like to check out the website it's: http://www.theglobalstudio.com

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