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Linda Lopez

New York, NY, United States


Member since July 18, 2007

  • Welcome, new members!

    Communication, Communication Design

    Our group is growing -- already touching three continents -- thank you for your support. We're excited to be a part of this creative Design 21 community and looking forward to a great competition. I invite you to start a conversation, pose a question, or just share your thoughts on the Stories logo design competition -- or design in general -- film, branding, sustainable design, social networking, anything.

  • I agree with you totaly !!! & this is a good chance to thank this group alot to give us such a great opportunity , to show our creativity in this competition !!

    I tried to broke my mind soooo hard to creat different styles of design and also in different ways & fields .....when the vote finishing hope u liked my work when u notice it ....... !!!

    My designs had no base they r simple & tried hard to refflect the fetival i didnt like to reflect the meaning of ( stories from the field ) i tried to reflect the whole event & its aims & most important thing a documentary film from United Nations !!!

    My concept was to do the logo Simple ...ellegant & refflect the aims & the whole thing , in my opinion when anyone in the whole world see any logo specially for a grand event like this ...should be understandble & readable without reading the text !! we should cocider that not all people re well educated or cann't read ???? so the logo should be clear & catchy to let the one who don't understand or read understand it or had his attention to ask about it ........??!!!

    For me this was so hard , to creat design not using the regular things & the same time to be standble and direct !!! after all i hope i did well :) & my work could desserve ur attention :)

    I donna know if um right or wrong , please ur feedback all important to me & welcomed about this issue ???

    Thanks Again , & Have a wonderful Day !!!

    P.S : Best of Luck to all entries & i feel so sorry for the jury um sure they r gonna be so confused to pick something charming for this event :) again best of luck !!!!

    Best Regards !!

  • In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Thanks, i'm going to need it, because i couldn't upload my proposal, i wish you good luck, and please, tell me what do you think about my proposal...

  • In response to THANKS, posted by Christian Aldo Pecina,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    I think you have a good visual sense but you logo has too many concepts, you are trying to represent the 8 goals in a logo, is just too much.

    right now the logo is too busy, you have a lot going on, and is hard to make it out. Remember a logo should work in a minimal proportion of 1inch by 1inch. If it works in those proportions it can work in any proportion.

  • In response to THANKS, posted by Christian Aldo Pecina,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Hello Christin ,

    Well A Nice work you had here ....... but as i said should be simple & direct !! u should symbolized these concepts & abstracted to be understandble without saying them ... i donna know if its allowed to apload what i propose here ...or not know all of ur opinions .......Cuz um saying this & i donna know if i do it right or not :D:D:D !!

    Anyway , ur logo could be for one day event or something but without the text inside the film roll , & try to make it short .......& watch it again , try to write the text under it & keep it .......then try to think how to symbolized these concept like the number it self .... !! belive me u'll do something amazing & better ........!! Do like what i did break ur head a parts & think in different ways u'll creat ......if u couldnt try to search & watch more ideas about related things belive me gonna creat ur own style & reach to the right thing ...:)

    Hope I could help well , Thanks for wishing me luck I really need it its first time to join such a thing , i used to join in photography contests , but designs its first time for me , to join but um a senior graphic designer in my place :)

    P.S: if u tried plz upload it to see ur progress wish u best of luck in coming contests !!!

    ve a wonderful day all ,

    Best Regards,

  • Thank you Linda! I am so glad to be member, it was only until recently have I had time to become more involved, reasearching the organizaions personal goals, as well as the organization as a whole so that I may have a solid understanding in talking with other designers in my area. I am urging my friends to join, (which I am sure they will) and will also be contacting the design school that I graduated from in hopes they will pass this information along to the students. This would be a great opportunity for students to network, to be motivated by others ideas and designs, but most of all become a part of a network that uses design to help prefect the imperfections in today's society. Has there ever been any interest in starting local Design21 chapters? While the wordly goals would always be of utmost importance, it would also allow us to battle local issues, which in the cleveland area there are many. Please let me know what your thoughts would be on this. And just a last thought, there were some amazing entries into the Stories from the Field Logo Contest, I actually added a scection the my inspiration files with some of the logos that were submitted. Thank you and a I hope you have good day!

    Nicole Kelly

  • In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Very disappointing indeed… Well it’s another competition that concludes in a painful blight for all those design enthusiasts out there...If a UN-involved event cannot secure the judging regulations of a simple graphic design contest, I wonder what can…

    In this doleful entanglement where involved parties will throw a shameful self-vindication back and forth, I think the only thing downright worth asking for as participants is the following: Since the MCA-I NY did actually admit liking some designs, finalists or not, they are ethically bound to announce which ones in respect to all those who put the effort of taking part in the contest. They have to pick a winner and make it public. I believe it is also incumbent upon Design21 to follow this up and eventually make sure the winning design according to MCA-I NY becomes public and posted on this website. I will personally chew my tongue to bits and be in the first applauding row if the revealed winner is a great design, caring less if it was a finalist or not.

    I do wish to thank the Design21 staff who have done a good job administering this event. Still, at one point, I believe they needed to be intransient and have the legal pluck to twist some arms forcing their client to abide to the rules. Or else, they might have as well discharged themselves from their client and moved forward with the competition announcing a Design21-selected winner and awarding the prize with no necessary implementation of the design. Adding the money to the prize of future contest is as absurd as a red fish swimming in a toilet bowl.

    In humble epilogue, the budding Design21 needs to build a consistency and credibility if ever it wishes to garner a wide public interest in its future events.
    An apology letter is very sincerely appreciated but not close to being satiating.

    I hope this page fills up with comments…I predict it will break another record just as the 1600 entries did. To all other participants, post your views, it’s vital to make your voice heard…

  • In response to Very disappointing indeed..., posted by Daniel Georges,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Well , i was so shocked from the results & also sorry i saw in the finals some designs not powerful at all there re most powerful things should be in final than others ....!!!!! i wonder what was the point of view !!!

    Anyway ..... i noticed that some entries were companies & individuals ....for me i was joined by 8 or 9 ideas ....Its took a lot of time & effort to do such a thing .....& this cost us money, Time equal money !!

    But for me it dosen't matter cuz about my informations the united nations or any famous organizations is fair ..... so if they re already had their own designer why they did this competition from the beginning ??!! & waste all our times ........ !!! & disappointed us !! also many of us will think bad thoughts...!! you know what um sure some of them will say they gathered our works & gonna use them by way or another & for sure this is not acceptable !!!

    Am sure that most of us saved alot of ideas to learn from it to make our brains in creation with no limit .......this is my concept & i wouldn't use any idea cuz i love to do my own style ....!!! what ever ......Who is gonna be responsible for this mistake !!! & how could people trust like this contests ???? for me its first time to participate & now um afraid to join again !!!

    plus we would like to know how the jury made their choices to get to final & their opinions plz ....cuz there re things i didnt see that it deserve to get to fainal ...& Congraaaaaatsss to who deserve it specialy the most popular i loved this design alot & i said to my self he could be the 1st winner not the most popular :) Really !!!

    Finaly , Hope to find answers for what we said .... , & Thanks alot for Design21 give us the chance to participating & had a free talk to send our point of view & makes us learn more & more !!

    In My opinion ..... a little thing to do to send a Thanks certificate to every one entered this contest & Design21 do a new evaluation again & make the 1st & 2nd & 3rd & most popular on Design21 web site ....& the prices may be could be the Allumonde Ring with a certificate even the cheapest one it dosen't matter but to just to make us trust in this kind of contests..!!!

    Hope i made my opinion clear & Sorry to make it so long :) Ve a nice day all !!!!

    P.S : here re my entries need ur judge & opinion ohnestly ....!!

  • In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    I would address in this post to 3 parties: The winning team 802, D21 and the jury panel. Addressing MCAI would be highly futile at this time as it seems to me they have long parted this whole competition to form another little one of their own, parasiting on D21 for organization and exposure and actually getting away with it totally gratuitously, not one cent peering out of their pockets. Cynically, the big round of applause really goes to them and a documentary film should be made about how they contrived this masquerade of a competition. It should be screened at the next Stories from the Field festival and a special prize for sabotaging achievement should be awarded to MCAI just as their representatives huddle excitedly on stage and one takes the microphone to repeat an eye watering heartrending soundbite: “But being poor doesn't stop us from wanting the best!”

    Now on to the noteworthy…

    I want to congratulate the winning Swedish team 802 for being picked, sadly by MCAI, but who cares. Whichever aspect of their design is criticized, I expect in the euphoria of the win, their response will be: “bite me!” Thus one can’t refrain from laying down his point of view from a constructive perspective, hoping to be taken as a mere fellow designer’s opinion, to be instantly discarded at 802’s discretion. A lot was said about the design not cleaving to the clear criteria set in the competition brief which is undoubtedly true, but let’s set that aside for we all know it is a designer’s right, if not astuteness, to bend any rule in order to offer a client a fresh new, clever and unexpected insight on representing a business. But when freshness is lacking, the quotation mark being confusingly used all over the place for so many different businesses, we are bound to look for other advantages in the design. Instant-concept-communication maybe? Take that design out on the street, even with the title “SFTF” plunked into it, and find me one person who would recognize in it hints of film, documentary, humanitarian issues…But then again, when “marketing and visual communications professionals ourselves” speak of “totally fresh” and ”instantly recognizable”, then we ought to redefine the meaning of professionalism.

    All that is behind now and I hail a loud and sincere “Congratulations” to the proclaimed winners and with all modesty advise them to re-adjust their proposal to fit the concept. You got the account now, you are happy, so you might as well be ethically correct and propose more pungent versions. Based on your website, you have all the talent needed to do that. Hearty Congratulations again, even if you got insidiously lured into working for free. The “we are poor” soundbite echoes disturbingly in my head…

    Wheeling to D21…

    In the aftermath of this terrible mess of a competition, one thing still baffles me…It’s the dreadful silence of D21 about the posted comments of all disgruntled participants…It seems they have retracted themselves to the viewer’s chair, all warm and cozy, a flavored popcorn filled bowl in their lap, reveling at the clamorous joust between the participants and MCAI. It feels like they want us to bite at them in their place, while they take a comfortable and politically correct stand towards their irreverent clients…They deliberately leave MCAI to post an insulting “Now that things have quieted down a bit and we have had a chance to post the first-place design” without any firm reply…It’s like “Now that all the nonsense barking is behind our backs” while we, the bevy of dogs in question, are still enraged as hell…D21, you ought to have taken a dignifying stand for the participants who entrusted you with their time and creativity. The least you could do forthwith is pick a D21 winner of your own and hand him the cash…What’s more precious to you? A transient client or a block of 1600 solid members willing to champion your next competition? Your decision emphatically comes at a high price…

    And finally, last but not least, our respected jury panel…

    Your apathetic reticence on this blog is bare of scruple. You have been invited to judge a competition and ended up being called masters of “not a perfect science”…You got a piece of the tart in your face too, the creamy part I suppose. But we know judges, they latch onto the politically correct too, for if they trespass it they risk never being invited on high profile panels anymore and that’s exactly where they get a kick at: the glamour of being named jury member. In all earnest, the only positive action you can take to keep a straight face is using your networks to bring some media attention to this catastrophe so impertinently called by MCAI and I quote: “not a perfect contest”.

    Fellow duped designers, let the curtain fall on this morose theatre piece for we all have better shows to watch…as for Design21, the ball is decidedly in your court…

  • In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Hey everyone,

    Please find in the link below an update letter from Mr.Haruko Smith Director of Design21 about the Stories from the Field contest disentanglement...

  • In response to Wish Best of luck for all of us :), posted by butterfly78,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    Dear fellow designers,

    As you may have learned already, D21 took the righteous decision of proceeding with the SFTF competition. I believe this is what most of the discontented participants were hoping for. Our posted protesting views were not ignored therefore we ought to support D21 in whatever way they see fit to wrap up this competition. In their last letter, D21 brandished a firm stand against the alleged MCAI’s misconduct and affirmed their committed position towards the members, the jury and the set regulations reclaiming the integrity of this competition and hopefully securing it for all future ones to come. Thank you D21! That being said, I wish all of you the best of luck in the new selection to come!

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