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Kate Andrews

London, United Kingdom

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 13, 2007

  • 9Volt Battery LED Lamp

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Richart Lawson’s in-demand 9Volt Battery LED Lamp has finally gone into mass production, and is available for purchase. This cleverly cute little Battery Lamp works by simply popping the tiny lamp on any 9-volt you have lying around the house. If you want the clever little lamp, you can simply purchase it at!

    Via Inhabitat - Thanks Evelyn.

  • Being a musician, 9 volt batteries are one of my best friends (in fact, I just bought one today - bad I know, I have rechargeable ones at home - but sometimes you just need one right away).

    These would make great gifts for my musician friends who always have 9 volt batteries, but don't always have flashlights (which musicians also need for finding their way and plugging in cables into the backs of amplifiers on darkened stages...)

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“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” - Buckminster Fuller

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Kate Andrews

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